My Country Game

For my final project, I decided to create a game based on an idea that one of my Spanish teachers gave me.  My game is also influenced by the Galactic Mappers game.  I thought this game was genius and I would love to see it implemented in a Social Studies classroom in my school.

The Spanish teacher that approached me wanted help integrating technology into her Spanish-Speaking Country project idea.  She was going to have her kids research real Spanish-Speaking countries, then they would create their own Spanish-Speaking country with aspects of real Spanish-Speaking countries they liked.  When she approached me with this idea, I had just watched this clip on Galactic Mappers and I thought I could mod the game for her needs.

I ended up coming up with the My Country Game.  Please post better ideas for the game title in the comments.  This game could be easily modified for any Foreign language but it would also be fun to play in a social studies class.  The game is basically an interactive Google site, where kids develop their country and it’s story, laws, map, flag, etc.  The students would interact with each other by visiting (commenting) other students country pages.  Students would also have to incorporate their cards into their county’s story.  Students would get points by incorporating story cards into the story of their country.  The teacher could also give out extra points for creativity and interaction with other countries.

I think it would be interesting to show the kids the rules of the game first and see if they could propose any improvements to game play.

I plan to show this game to the Spanish teacher that gave me the idea, and hopefully the students will be able to play it soon.  If other teachers want to use this game, just use this template.

To continue what I’ve learned about Gamification and Game-Based Learning, I plan to implement playing Dragon Box + with the 6th grade math classes before they are formally introduced to algebra.  I think this will help them understand the rules of algebra.  I also would like to set up Minecraft Edu soon and see if I can incorporate Minecraft into a middle school Social Studies or Science class.  I still have a lot to learn about setting this up.  Let me know if you have any recommendation of how I should get started with it.




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