Ending my Last School Year in India

Hello strangers,

Sorry for my silence these couple of weeks.  The end of the school year is quickly approaching and things are getting crazy.  In just 10 days I will be departing Mother India.  It has been so amazing here these last four years; truly life changing.  Just reflecting back on all of the wonderful personal and professional experiences I now have under my belt is overwhelming.  Just thinking about all I have to do in the next 10 days is also overwhelming but also so exciting.

As the year comes to a conclusion, many of my wonderful Middle School teachers are having their students end the year will pretty cool projects.  In 7th grade, Michelle May’s class is completing a collaborative Tiki-Toki timeline that includes inventions from all the periods of history she taught them about.  In 6th grade, Rob Martin and Victoria Hall are having their students create iMovie book trailers to encourage their fellow students to read over the summer.  And in 8th grade Andrew Ranson is having students delve into the difficult subject of Modern Slavery.  His student’s movies (created with tools like Go Animate, WeVideo and iMovie) are extremely moving and I am hoping they share the final product with the world.  If we have time, I want to show him how to put the movies into an interactive Google Map.

I work with some amazing teachers and students.  Thanks AISC for teaching me SOOOOO Much as a Tech Coach.  Great ideas are never a shortage here and I will miss working with all of you.


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