An Interactive Art Show

Last year for the Middle School Art show, students made their artwork come alive with the Morfo App and Aurasma.  This year we are going to do it again.  However, instead of the teacher uploading all the Trigger images and Overlays, we are going to have the students do this.

Here is a video tutorial on how to create a Morfo movie with the iPad.

Here is a tutorial on how they will upload a picture and their morfo movie to Aurasma.

Let’s see if my middle schoolers can follow directions.

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  1. Wow Laura – honestly I am always so surprised by the new tools we have in technology. The Morfo App seems really cool and pretty easy to use.

    When I was in HS I was an art major, but we didn’t have any of these tools. How did the Middle Schoolers do in executing this project?

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