A Short Guide to Making Cool Infographics

One of my teachers wanted me to create a presentation on the best practices of creating Infographics.  His kids will be comparing the Native Americans with another native population around the world and one of their final project choices is creating an Infographic.  Here’s my little Go Animate movie Infographic Guide.  I used the new Whiteboard Animation feature which is super cool.  If you are interested in using this feature, here’s a link to a great tutorial.

Infographics by Laura Blair on GoAnimate

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  1. Hey Laura, your infographic is just what you said: “super cool.” And it’s super cool of you to share it, as I also noted how prominent “share” was in your presentation. The whole thing is so easy to follow; it gives me hope:) I keep looking for ways to say more with less, to create meaning that stands on it’s own image legs without word supports. Without the practice and courage we all get through COETAIL, it might be easy to believe “Learning how to make an infographic that is both effective and beautiful is more challenging than you might think – See more at: https://www.howdesign.com/infographic-design-how-to-make-infographics/#sthash.knhF0U8l.dpuf” So thanks for putting and keeping a smile on my courage. I’ll wear it as a badge of honor.

    1. We do, it’s a great tool. They only thing I don’t like is that teachers are the only ones that can publish movies to Youtube. I wish you could change this setting. It just adds another step for teachers when students want to share their work. On the other hand, you can create classes and make it easy for teachers to manage student movies. We give students a lot of choice at our school, so not many classes are having all students do a Go Animate movie for an assignment. It is usually an option for students when they have a presentation or project.

  2. Excellent tutorial, thanks for sharing. I am the elementary librarian at an international school and I want my fifth graders to create an infographic as a summative project for their upcoming unit on technology and world development, so this is perfect. Will be sharing this with their teachers and our curriculum coordinator. Thanks again!

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