A 5 course E-Portfolio Meal

My course 5 project is going to be like a 5 course meal.  There are several components and I’m excited for all of them to come together.  I am hoping to get some great action research done while increasing intrinsic motivation for students to reflect in their blog-based E-Portfolio.

Course One : Blogging Buddies

For this project I will be working closely with the 6th grade and 8th grade teachers and students that are participating in our STEM festival.  Students will be recording their progress and reflecting on their learning in their E-Portfolio.  I thought it would be neat for students to have a blogging buddy that was doing the same STEM project (ie. mousetrap cars, or towers).  I recruited some willing 6th and 8th grade teachers and we have just paired up the students.  Every sixth grader now has an eighth grader blogging buddy.  These blogging buddies will comment on each other’s e-Portfolio posts.  I plan to use a couple of Google spreadsheet add ons like FormMule to get emails out to all the students about this with the links to their buddy’s E-Portfolio.

Course Two:  Student-created Common Agreements around Commenting

Before students start commenting, I am going to have students draft up their own “common agreements” around blog commenting.  All students will have to agree and sign these common agreements before any commenting starts, consequences for leaving inappropriate comments will also be discussed.  This is really important because I do not want any problems with digital citizenship to arise.

Course Three:  The Family Commenting Initiative

In addition to Blogging Buddies, I thought it would be great to involve family members in the student’s learning by allowing them to comment on the E-Portfolio.  On Tuesday, I just met with several parents at a Middle School Coffee to introduce this plan.  I gathered parent’s information through a Google form and used Form Mule to do a mail merge to give them access to their child’s E-Portfolio.  I am hoping that family members that live far away also get involved and this project too.  Maybe it will bring families that live very far apart closer together.

Course Four:  Student Intrinsic Motivation Pre and Post Survey

To measure any change in motivation, I am going to have students complete a pre and post survey about their motivation levels around blogging.  When I know people are reading my blog, I tend to be more motivated to write quality posts.  I am hoping that this is the case with the students.

Course Five:  STEM FEST

The grand finale will be our first annual STEM FEST.  It is my job to advertise and promote this on social media.  I also want to have a live feed of events that will appear on our STEM FEST Weebly website and our school website.  All student projects will have QR codes posted that go to the student’s E-Portfolio where all project progress and reflection can be viewed.  Another QR code will take parents, onlookers and virtual visitors to a project feedback form allowing students to get immediate feedback.  The live feed of the STEM FEST and involving online viewers to immediately interact with the students add the Redefinition layer (SAMR model) or should I say Sambar model since we are in India, hehehe.



2 Replies to “A 5 course E-Portfolio Meal”

  1. Hi Laura,
    I love the sound of a STEM fest – I really look forward to seeing how it pulls together. Maybe your concept will spread further afield and stretch to a STEAM Fest (then I can join in the fun as an Art teacher!
    Good luck and keep us posted!

    1. That would be awesome. Bringing in a design aspect into the STEM projects is a great idea. Maybe we can call it a STREAM fest and stream it live over the internet too.

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