Put Names to the Faces

Do you know your IT people by name?  Do you know what they do exactly?  Who do you contact if you have a problem?  I’m afraid that most teachers at my school would be unable to answer these questions and that is why I made this cool infographic.  By designing this I also learned how to use Piktochart.com which by the way is super easy.  We have a supscription to this service and it has great templates to get you started.


I am hoping to get this printed out and distributed to teachers soon.  This will help our staff connect with the right people in the IT department so their tech troubles can be solved more quickly.  I think more institutions should use infographics in this way.  I know people feel bad about not knowing all the support staff.  I kind of want to make one of these for all the custodians and security guys because I know I don’t know all of their names.  Maybe that’ll be my next project on Piktochart.

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  1. Laura,

    This is great! I feel bad that I have been here for more than a year and that I do not know some of the IT staff members. I think this poster is great and is a great use of Piktocharts. Thanks for taking the time to tell me more about it. I look forward to making my own Infographic.


  2. Hi Laura! Great work. I will definitely post this on my wall (and I’d post the custodian one too if you make that). It’s not easy to know who does what. I think it’s a good suggestion to give to Andrew and Josephine to make a quick chart like this for incoming teachers next year!
    Will you please give me some feedback on my infographic, as well? I know it is text heavy. What else?

  3. Laura-
    I absolutely LOVE this and will definitely use it! I agree that this would be awesome to give incoming teachers. Sadly, I also don’t know the names of the custodians and security guys, or of many of the teachers who work in the elementary or middle school. There are too many people at work who I only see in passing (and probably many who I never see at all). I think that it would be so wonderful to have a guide that shows names and faces of various people in our school. That might be far too much information for an infographic though!

    1. Hey Hannah,
      I tried to work with Angeline on an all school one with custodians, security etc. but she said there is simply too many staff and too much turn over in these positions to keep a document up to date. I still need to finishe this one and get it printed. Maybe we can hand it out at the beginning of next year.

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