Finally the Final Project

As I am posting this final project, I am watching a CNN special on Malala. Wow!  What an inspirational young women. Everyone should know about her strength.  I can’t wait to see what else she does in her life.  I hope she   What an inspiration.

Anyways, on to the main attraction… course one final project.  Being an integrator on maternity leave, I wanted to develop a lesson that would help one of the grade levels I service.  I browsed through Atlas Rubicon, the program we use to document our curriculum, and found a 7th grade unit about Historical Fiction that was in need of some love.  Click here to check out the un-techy version.

Historical fiction is my favorite fiction reading genre.  I love reading a story that teaches me about history and I love the idea of introducing this genre to students.  I added a blog and timeline project to the unit as well as a Quizlet vocabulary component.  I hope the 7th grade teachers are open to integrating this technology when the teach this unit at the end of the year.


Click here to view the lesson.


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