Google+ for Team Communication

Since one unit of this course is about Twitter and Google+, I thought I would share how the IT Department at AISC is using Google+.  Each member of our team joined Google+ and created an IT Team circle.  Every time we help someone, resolve an issue, figure out something or want to share a resource, we post it to the IT Team circle on Google+.  Since all of us have smart phones, we are updated throughout the day about what issues are being resolved and what team members are working on.  This is really working out well for keeping everyone in the loop.  It’s also kind of nice for me on maternity leave because I feel like I’m still staying updated while staying at home.

I think other teams at our school would greatly benefit from using Google+ in this way with their teams.  They could share ideas, resources and and classroom events with each other.  We could also use Google+ in the classroom with students and parents; however, students must be 13+ to sign up for the service.  It would be so nice if Google would trust school domains to manage their own user services like Google+ so that even the elementary students could use this with supervision of their teachers or with restricted accounts.  Maybe one day…

Here is also an blog I found on 12 creative ways for businesses to use Google+.  I’m excited to explore Google hangouts more.  Does anyone have ideas of how to use Google Hangouts creatively in the classroom?

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  1. Being on the team I agree with Laura Google+ has been an added on advantage to our tech department. It is something new but as I explore all it can do I am certain that it can be used in classrooms as well to share resources among students and keep them up to date on what is going on. Its good to know that using Google + you stay connected with us. Miss your smiling face and waiting for you to return. Enjoy William as much as you can.

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